20 Years of CARTEN100 - Saturday 11th May 2024


The 20th year of CARTEN100 will take place on SATURDAY 11th MAY 2024.

Entry opens in November 2023.



A simple challenge, Cardiff to Tenby “100 miles, on a bike, in a day”
Not a race, not a sportive, just a ride to Tenby!

Our aim is to get people on their bikes and to raise as much money as we can for good causes.


Who can take part in Carten100?

Riders are usually of mixed ability and often new to this type of distance, we encourage everyone to do training prior to the ride to prepare the legs and backside!


Preparation of your bike is essential as punctures and mechanical failures tend to happen to bikes which have not been in use for a while. We recommend serving your bike before you take on the challenge. But if you do come across any problems that may stop you from completing the ride, the support crews and the Tredz team will do whatever they can to help you to finish.

Our CARTEN100 Sponsors

The sponsorship of CARTEN100 2024 has begun.  CARTEN100 cycle shirt sponsors include JCP Solicitors, AD Gas Services, Bridgend Ford, Wales Air Conditioning, Prostone with more to come.

If you are interested in being a shirt sponsor on the 20th year of CARTEN100 2024 cycle jersey please contact us info@carten100.com

All sponsorship from shirt sponsors is passed directly to CARTEN100 Spoke Foundation to be distributed to charities along the CARTEN100 route.

We thank all our sponsors for their generosity over the years, they have been the backbone of the success of the CARTEN100 fundraising.

Welcome to Carten100

The CARTEN100 cycle ride takes place roughly over a ten hour period as we take a leisurely ride from Cardiff to Tenby. While the main aim is to get people on their bikes without the pressure of it being a ‘race’ a huge benefit of the day is the money the riders raise for charity.

Our Sponsors

CARTEN100 2024

Our History

The Journey

The CARTEN100 takes a fairly direct route from Cardiff to Tenby, using A-Roads, B-Roads and cycle routes. There are some climbs, none too difficult, but in Wales there is not a lot of flat land!


The 20th year of CARTEN100 will take place on Saturday 11th May 2024

Our History

From an initial four riders in 2004 the challenge of riding the 100 miles from Cardiff to Tenby has kept growing in popularity with more and more friends, colleagues and acquaintances joining in. Today CARTEN100 now has over 2200 riders who take on the challenge. Riders are encouraged not to rush to Tenby but to enjoy their day out followed by a celebratory drink or two in Tenby. “It is a challenge, never a race”.


Our November newsletter announces the opening of the CARTEN100 ride and contains a link to the entry form, this is the earliest possible way of entering the CARTEN100. The ride then opens to the general public a few days later with the link to the entry form accessible here on our website and on our social media.

Charity Work

While our main aim is always to get people on their bikes, a benefit of the day is the fundraising that happens alongside. This is either direct sponsorship from company logos on the cycling shirts or our cyclists getting sponsored individually per mile.

In 2022 CARTEN100 launched the CARTEN100 Spokes Foundation

“Making our miles matter by supporting the communities we cycle through along the South Wales corridor”

Our key aim is to work with local charities, community led groups and sports clubs who would benefit from our funding to make a difference to the communities they serve. We aim to support a wide range of projects with grant amounts totaling anything from a few hundred up to £10,000.

We want to ensure the CARTEN100 pound benefits the local communities that support our riders.

carten100 rider

Carten100 Update 01/09/2021

CARTEN100 is less than three weeks away, woo hoo! Riders' shirts and numbers are being packed and despatched at the moment. We also have updates on the route, a change to our usual start and our finish and of course all our COVID precautions that you must be aware of.

The Social 100 Mile Bike Ride

Four years ago my younger brother Chris wanted to enter Ironman wales, I’ve competed in triathlons over the years, I’m 53 and little brother is 13 year younger...

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