Ride Information

Participating in CARTEN100 is an excellent way to get fit, challenge yourself, raise funds for a good cause and enjoy a fun day with fellow cycling enthusiasts.

Be Prepared

With all of life’s challenges, preparation is key, we’ve listed some important rider information to help you prepare for the fun ride ahead. The 100 mile event isn’t a race, it is a challenge, we’ve collated plenty of knowledge with the help of our guru, Dr. Daf. His tips should help you ‘sail’ through the day, from the right amount of training to the correct nutrition and equipment, all making the event an more ‘enjoyable’ challenge!

Click on the link below to download your sponsor form for this year’s event.

The Route Sheet 2024

Check out the 2024 route with approximated mileage, on our Garmin Connect link. No excuses to get lost into the next pub, the route map can be printed onto A4 to easily fit folded in your pocket.

Riders Briefing Sheet 2024

Make sure that you prepare yourself and your bike for the big event, we have tips on what you'll need, from making your bike roadworthy to the correct clothing to make the ride as comfortable as it can be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Plenty of hints and tips to help you get the most from the event, from initial training to sponsor forms, if you need any more information please get in touch.

Dr. Daf's Ramblings - Nutrition

You are likely to burn at least 5000 calories whilst completing your ride. Our resident Carten100 expert Dr.Daf, is here to advise how he thinks you should keep hydrated and fuelled on the day.

Dr. Daf's Ramblings - The Mental Edge

Mental strength is probably more important than physical ability when it comes to finishing long events. Dr. Daf's invaluable help on how to keep your cool should give you the mental edge throughout the ride.

Dr. Daf's Training Schedule

Dr. Daf's 8 week training schedule should help you achieve a pace that will get you through the 100 mile event without too much drama!

Dr. Daf’s Guide – Spares to Carry

A guide for you so that your bike is in tip top condition during the ride and a list on what you should take to guarantee your day goes smoothly.

Parental Consent Form

All riders who'd like to participate under the age of 16 will need their parent or guardian to fill in the parent consent form, click on the link to download your's here.

How you can help!

CARTEN100 has two main objectives, to set an achievable challenge for novice riders to encourage them to become fit and enjoy cycling, and to raise money for good causes – in 2018 we celebrated a million pounds raised. If you'd like to learn more about sponsoring our annual event and the amounts we have raised for charity each year so far, please get in touch!

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