Dr. Daf's Ideal Training Schedule for the Carten100

Week Monday Tuesday


Wednesday Thursday


Friday Saturday Sunday


Weekly Mileage
1 10 10 30 50
2 10 10 30 50
3 20 15 35 70
4 20 15 35 70
5 25 15 40 80
6 25 15 40 80
7 30 20 50 100
8 20 10 CARTEN100 138

Your Pace

Sunday rides should involve a nice breakfast en route until 50 miler, which should be tackled non-stop.

If you can do a 50 mile rolling route in 3hr 30mins, then you are likely to get around the Carten100 Route without too much fuss (*wind disclaimer here*!)

Pace = The speed at which you would hope to ride the event. You should be able to have a conversation without being too out of breath on the flat-ish bits.

Brisk = Shorter, faster rides designed to build up a little stamina. Ride this so that maintaining a conversation would be hard. You should feel like you’ve had a good workout by the end of the ride.

What should I bring on the day?

CARTEN100 has two main objectives, to set an achievable challenge for novice riders to encourage them to become fit and enjoy cycling, and to raise money for good causes – in 2018 we celebrated a million pounds raised. If you have further questions about the event or need info on what to bring with you on the day, please get in touch.

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